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Mr. Robert Brown, President and CEO of Arizona Repair Masons (AZRM) and Arizona Ram Jack (AZRJ) earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Bachelor of Design Science from the School of Architecture at Arizona State University, graduating in 1984...

Company Mission Statement / Customer Pledge

To provide innovative cost effective pre and post construction solutions while helping our clients reach their long term objectives.  We achieve this by empowering our teams and utilizing state of the art materials, tools, creativity and integrity...


We are located at:
3841 E. Superior Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 85040

Southern Arizona Ram Jack

Arizona Repair Masons operates in the construction specialty trade of providing unique, high-quality and effective solutions for concrete, masonry and other structural reinforcement and repair problems. 

Since 1988 our key elements to success include timely response to customer needs, competent investigative analysis and problem-solving, outstanding communication with customers and their clients, providing work and materials that meet or exceed industry standards, providing professional quality and operation of numerous controls that assure cost-effective solutions.

Our partners such as HJ3 and Kryton have resources and products that are state of the art and innovative and we are continually seeking new resources and solutions. 

Furthermore, the company is dedicated to providing the safest possible workplace environment that also provides reward and appreciation to its staff.

Since 1999 Arizona Ram Jack has provided underpinning solutions for structures that have foundation challenges.   The primary objective is to stabilize structures with settlement or heave problems and provide the client long-term solutions that are cost effective and in many cases guaranteed for the lifetime of the structure. 

 Arizona Ram Jack is a franchise of Ram Jack, a national foundation repair company that provide proven systems, resources, engineering and state of the art materials.

Licence numbers:

Arizona Repair Masons

ROC 237346 KB-01

ROC 237347 KA

Arizona Ram Jack

ROC 237345 KB-01